Monday, February 8, 2016

A trio of Indiana State Highway truck clears snow from C.R. 17 Saturday Feb. 1, 2014. The trucks were north of C.R. 4. (J. Tyler Klassen/ The Elkhart Tr) (Buy this photo)
People's Forum: Thanks to those who keep us safe during winter

Posted on Feb. 3, 2014 at 5:59 p.m.

I write to express my sincere gratitude for the work so many do to serve and protect the residents of Elkhart County.

Jan. 24, in the worst of weather conditions, snow plow drivers worked relentlessly to keep the Toll Road and county and city roads open for us all. Law enforcement officers put their lives in constant danger just like the snow plow drivers, patrolling on icy, snow-covered roads and responding to our endless calls for assistance and protection. The firefighters and first responders wait for our calls 24/7 and willingly put their lives on the line for our benefit. And just like the others, our emergency room doctors and nurses serve around the clock, always making their way into work regardless of the dangerous road and weather conditions.

To all of you who have made it your life’s work to be there when we need you, we are forever grateful. You are the real heroes in our lives, not the actors, singers, and sports idols we are prone to admire and sit around and watch aimlessly on TV.

It would be easy for you to think we are unaware of your efforts, but I write to tell you we are very aware and very, very grateful.


Peter Thornton