People's Forum: Immorality God’s wrath is real

"We have to stand up for what is right or face whatever punishment God chooses."

Posted on Jan. 16, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

A letter about same-sex marriage, “God will destroy nation if immorality continues,” was published Jan. 3. The final sentence was, “This immoral behavior has got to stop!”

I agree, as the writer said, that we have to stand up for what is right or face whatever punishment God chooses. The letter included God’s command to pray for gays. I add: Amen.

Our problem now is that God the Father has already chosen to inflict terrible punishment on all humanity, greater than the Flood.

This revelation of God’s wrath took place in Akita, Japan, 40 years ago. The issue is divine justice (we get what we deserve). The solution for our problem was also revealed — pray the rosary in one body.

God’s wrath is real, and don’t forget that he has not only the power; he has the right to destroy humanity. And please don’t forget that we who believe in God know with certainty why we deserve his wrath — we have not honored the covenant he made with Noah (i.e., contraception is immoral), nor have we established his kingdom on Earth. We messed up his plan by killing tens of millions of his unique children whom he knew even before he created the universe. Each of his unique children was designed to help in his or her small or large way to establish peace on Earth.

Jan. 22, 2014, marks the 40th year since Roe v. Wade. The number 40 appears more than a dozen times in the Bible and often is connected with God’s punishment. Whether this date is significant for our immediate destiny is not the point. The solution for today’s problems is to take Mary’s advice, both in her 1917 Fatima revelations and again in her Akita revelation.

Robert Jefferson



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