Friday, February 12, 2016

People have a right to have a voice

Posted on Jan. 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

In November I wrote a letter questioning what angle Richard Leib’s column was bringing to Elkhart. Mr. Leib is a local writer, and he has had some good columns, but I believe when he steps into the national political theater he is not doing his best work.

I obviously ruffled a few feathers when I said that much of what he wrote was a mirror of far right-wing options because a few letters to the People’s Forum sided with Mr. Leib and seemed to think I wanted to squash his right to have a voice.

Some agree with me and some don’t. That’s fantastic, but don’t disagree with me because of a political agenda. If more people really like Mr. Leib’s column the way it is, then The Elkhart Truth would be crazy to change a thing. I just am of the opinion that Mr. Leib could sometimes do better.

Now, since Mark Krzyzanowski called me out by name (“Pope’s views similar to Obama’s, much like a puppet,” Dec. 24 People’s Forum), let me give you some information that will give him another chuckle.

Mark Shephard, who writes “Street Talk,” doesn’t market himself as a political columnist. On the other hand, Mr. Leib has a weekly column in a space normally reserved for political columnists, and the blurb under his column touts his local ties. My question was about what angle The Elkhart Truth had in mind. I never said Mr. Leib was not allowed his personal views.

As to Mr. Krzyzanowski’s comments about the pope being an Obama puppet, well, that didn’t just give me a chuckle, it gave me a belly laugh. Yes, Mr. Krzyzanowski, I believe you are wandering too close to the edge of the world, but what world I do not know.

Kathy Nowak