Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bruce Yoder (Mark Shephard)

Amber Fischer (Mark Shephard)

Greg Yoder (Mark Shephard)

Ruby Thompson (Mark Shephard)

Donna Null (Mark Shephard)
As winter ends, conversation begins to heat up in southern Elkhart County
Posted on April 4, 2014 at 12:05 p.m.

Correspondent Mark Shephard visited New Paris this week and asked, "Now that people are coming out of hibernation, what do you hear them talking about here in southern Elkhart County?"

Donna Null, restaurant owner, Syracuse:

"Obamacare, they talk about that. And I think the other thing is probably that downed airplane. That seems to be a good topic. Everybody is speculating where’s that. I don’t think that plane is down."

Ruby Thompson, thrift store volunteer, New Paris:

"Not getting any more snow — we absolutely do not want any more snow. We want sunshine. We’ll take rain, but we don’t want any more snow. And that’s about what everybody is saying. It’s time for spring. We want to get our gardens planted, and clean up our yards."

Amber Fischer, decorating consultant, New Paris:

"Me and my girlfriends are doing a dance walk. We’re going to go uptown to Goshen, and do a dance walk. Just kind of get people stirred up. It’s where you have music, and you dance, and you exercise, and you walk, and kind of got some groove in your walk, and we make it a ministry, and we just share Jesus with others." Follow-up question: What about news? "People are just not behaving right. A guy stole $350 of candy bars, and then another guy cut his way through some drywall just to warm up a Hot Pocket just to eat. So they’re making jokes that he’s a cousin to the guy that stole the candy bars."

Bruce Yoder, machinist, New Paris:

"The weather — we’re glad to see it turning up. Attitudes start picking up. People generally get in a better mood when the weather starts warming up. There’s not as negative of an outlook on jobs and stuff like that, so the jobs tend to go up."

Greg Yoder, farmer, New Paris:

"Everybody is ready for spring. They’re tired of the cold weather." Follow-up question: What about news? "I haven’t heard anything other than March Madness basketball."