Tackling potholes and other issues as spring arrives

Potholes will be priority one in Elkhart County this spring, but there will be other things on the to-do list.

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 1:33 p.m.

Correspondent Mark Shephard visited the Concord Mall this week and asked, "Besides potholes and fixing our roads, what would you like to see local leaders tackle as we move into spring?"

Jenai Tittle, Memorial junior, Elkhart:

"I would say stray animals because there are a lot of them out there this winter, and I don’t want them to still be homeless when springtime comes. I see them pretty much everywhere that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. People don’t want their animals so they just put them out on the street instead of taking them to a shelter."

Danielle Sperry, office maintenance, Jimtown:

"Probably guardrails around creeks and lakes and stuff, so when it is snowy, if you slide at least you hit a guard rail or something else instead of going into a lake or creek." Follow-up question: Overall, how would you say roads are in Elkhart County? "Horrible. Very bad."

Alysa Rice, sales, Elkhart:

"Something fun and interactive with everybody — doing something here at the mall, maybe. Locally, I don’t think there are many events, at least that I know of. I would like them to get us excited for spring since there is a whole bunch of snow out there."

Allen Sage, metal bender, Elkhart:

"It would be concerning schools and the kids. Anything that could help with the kids, whether it be funding for activities, or anything that can help with anything else."

Jessica Ordway, video store owner, Middlebury:

"In Middlebury they have a bike trail that goes through town, and it goes quite far out. Maybe they could put in some kind of street lamps or lights, because after dark there is just nothing. And also on the bike trail maybe add some drinking fountains, or juice, water or pop dispenser machines."

Dan Whitler, retired, Elkhart:

"I sometime get disillusioned by the garbage pickup. If my day is a bad day then they wait a whole week to come around and pick my garbage up. But other than that, I’m pretty happy with Elkhart. I came from Valparaiso 15 years ago, and I think Elkhart is a better city than Valpo."

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