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    Flavor 574 featured by Editor & Publisher and Newspaper Association of America

    The new food website born out of The Elkhart Truth newsroom is grabbing the attention of national journalists. 

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    Posted on Aug. 7, 2014 at 3:29 p.m.

    Flavor 574 is starting to garner national attention.

    Two groups have published stories in the past several months about the new food website and digital magazine from Truth Publishing Company that was launched this spring.

    The Newspaper Association of America touted the new food initiative with the headline, “Elkhart Truth’s Flavor 574 cooks up success.”

    An article by Catherine Payne explained to other industry members how Flavor 574 started and is being updated daily.

    “Flavor 574 is a content product that celebrates the food and drink culture in the 574 area code, which includes Elkhart and St. Joseph counties in northern Indiana,” Payne wrote.

    "Everyone has to eat," said Brandon Erlacher, publisher of The Elkhart Truth, via email for the story. "Flavor is designed to be a resource for that need in all of us and is structured with three sections: Eat, Drink and Make."

    The article also highlights some of what’s coming next for Flavor, which includes a video series and the possibility of Flavor focusing on other geographic areas.

    The June article ended by saying, “By mixing passion with innovation and adding a dash of local flair, Flavor 574 created its own recipe for success.”

    Editor & Publisher, a respected trade publication, published a story in its August issue. The two-page story in the magazine outlined how the new brand was created and its mission.

    Erlacher said that Truth leaders knew its readers cared about food so the company started with that niche.

    The niche audience is highly motivated and advertisers can connect with it in a different way than through the pages of the newspaper.

    The article touted the work of editor Gwen Ragno, who oversees content and social media for Flavor. It also highlighted the challenge of starting something new and integrating it into how journalists and salespeople work.

    “I’m immensely proud of our team and the early success we’ve had with Flavor 574,” Erlacher said. “Getting the recognition is nice, but this really helps as we diversify and plan for the future. I can’t wait to see what comes as we do even more of this.”

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