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    Elkhart Truth unveils new digital edition

    The Elkhart Truth has a new digital edition that blends the newspaper and online experiences.

    Posted on May 3, 2014 at 11:36 a.m.

    Some people want to see the newspaper online.

    Others like the feel of elkharttruth.com.

    A new digital edition of The Elkhart Truth blends the two experiences.

    For several years, the Truth has had a digital edition, making it possible to read the newspaper on a computer, tablet or mobile device. But it was limited.

    A new version of the digital edition is more vibrant and is free for the month of May.

    Why should I check it out?

    Not everyone wants a print newspaper. Not everyone wants to go through the stories on elkharttruth.com. This brings the two together. "This edition has an awesome responsive web design," said Chuck McKinnon, audience development director for The Elkhart Truth. "So it can be viewed on any device or platform without compromising functionality. If you like the look of a newspaper, there’s a view for that. If you enjoy reading our content in a web or text format, there’s a view for that. And in split screen view, you can actually do both."

    How do I find it?

    There's a link on elkharttruth.com/subscribe, but you can also go directly to http://elkharttruth.in.newsmemory.com/. On your computer, you'll see the newspaper and the stories on each page immediately.

    Does it work on tablets and smart phones?

    Yes. Really well, actually, though it can be tricky to download the first time. On Apple devices, you need the NewsMemory app from Tecnavia in the Newsstand. Then if you go to http://elkharttruth.in.newsmemory.com/ and click the link, it'll open the digital edition.

    Once I'm in the digital edition, what can I do?

    You can flip through newspaper pages as they were designed in the Truth newsroom. But you can also click on individual stories and read them, as well as see where they were placed in the newspaper.

    What is NewsMemory and Tecnavia?

    Tecnavia is the company and NewsMemory is the name of the app they use to provide digital editions for a variety of newspapers. Most news organizations rely on some outside vendors to help deliver news and this is a new one we're using.

    Why is it free?

    We want people to try it, to give us their feedback.

    What happens June 1?

    It'll be included in the price of the print subscription, but if you subscribe only to the digital edition, it'll be $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. On June 1, you will be required to create a new password. Your username/email will remain the same and a new, temporary password will be provided for you. Once you login, you will have the option to change your password.

    If I had a digital subscription, what happens?

    Each morning you will be informed via email when your digital edition is ready for viewing. During the month of May, no registration or logins will be required. As of June 1, it will be required to login using your current email/username and a new password that we will provided to you, McKinnon said.

    What does this mean for the app in the Apple Newsstand?

    The current app in the newsstand will no longer be supported, McKinnon said. Readers using mobile devices will be instructed via the link provided to download the NewsMemory app. There you can access The Elkhart Truth’s digital edition.

    What if I have questions?

    Please contact us at circulation@elkharttruth.com or call 574-522-7777.

    Marshall V. King is managing editor for The Elkhart Truth. You can reach him at 574-296-5805, mking@elkharttruth.com, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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