Jennifer Shephard
Jennifer Shephard
Jennifer Shephard fell in love with photography in high school. While that was quite awhile ago, she still loves capturing a great moment with her camera.

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Rhapsody in Green: Electric fishing with Elkhart's aquatic biologists

See a pregnant carp and stare into the maw of a sucker fish as Elkhart biologists use electric current to stun fish and show them off up close at Rhapsody in Green.

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 9:45 a.m.

Aquatic biologists pulled a stunning variety of fish out of a small area of the St. Joseph River using electric shock to stun them and scoop them up with nets.

Elkhart’s Aquatics Program regularly uses this technique to evaluate the health of waterways, but on Saturday the team displayed the fish at Rhapsody in Green festival.

Watch the video for a quick tour of some of the St. Joseph River’s 85 fish species including a pregnant carp, predatory fish, bottom feeders and large- and small-mouthed bass.

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