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Heart sculpture dedicated to honor Sarah Crane

Family, friends, teachers and students gathered outside of Cleveland School to dedicate a heart-shaped sculpture in honor of Sarah Crane.

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

Dean Crane used words Thursday, May 29, to convey the strength and spirit of his daughter Sarah, as he spoke during a dedication ceremony honoring Sarah at Cleveland School. Sarah died from colon cancer in December 2013 after creating Sarahstrong.

Sarah’s family and friends, and teachers and students from the school gathered around a large purple sculpture in the shape of a heart.

“She became very strong. She became very determined. She became very courageous, and she became a leader, and she did all of these things internally. She did them on her own. And one of the big things Sarah wanted to do no matter how difficult a day was and no matter the outcome of everything we were going through. Sarah wanted to make sure we always thought about somebody else. She loved the phrase pay it forward,” said Crane.

The family walked up to the large heart and pulled the cover away revealing a heart with deep purple color and a moon surrounded by small stars created by Cleveland students. There was applause from the audience as the family took it all in.

Crane continued, “This is a daily reminder when you see that color purple it should bring a smile to your face. It should remind you to take a second and do something for the person next to you. To do something for the person at home. To do something positive, something nice for a complete stranger.”

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