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Jennifer Shephard
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Robots do battle at North Side Gym

Teams from around the state brought their robots to compete at the IndianaFIRST State Championship at North Side Gym.

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 5:12 p.m.


North Side Gym was the scene of a different type of competition Saturday, May 10. Teams from around the state competed in the IndianaFIRST State Robotics Competition.

Student robotics team members watched as team "drivers" controlled the robots in "the pit" arena where large exercise balls were chased, picked up and tossed to designated areas for points.

After practice rounds in the morning, the teams made alliances that they used when they matched up during the afternoon 3-on-3 competition.

The robots passed an exercise ball from one end of the basketball-court-sized field to the other. Robots also shot the balls into a goal at the end of the field.

Penn High School's Black Knight robotics team reached the semifinals, where they were eliminated. Carmel High School's TechHOUNDS of Carmel, Pike High School's RoboDevils of Indianapolis and Center Grove High School's Red Alert of Greenwood were the winning alliance during Saturday's competition.

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