Jennifer Shephard
Jennifer Shephard
Jennifer Shephard fell in love with photography in high school. While that was quite awhile ago, she still loves capturing a great moment with her camera.

Extreme cold provides ice crystals for photo experiment

Take one iPhone and one magnifying loupe, combine with extremely cold weather and create cool photographs.

Posted on Jan. 29, 2014 at 12:24 p.m.

It's cold! Not just kinda cold, but COLD! This isn't news to anyone in Elkhart County.

There are many folks who have to work outside in the weather year-round even during a polar vortex or two. As a photographer I am one of those people. Tuesday I was all bundled up in many layers...so many layers that I lost count. I headed out the door and was intrigued by the ice crystals that were covering my garage windows. I wheeled around and headed back inside quickly asking my husband where our magnifying loupe could be found. We haven't used a loupe since switching to digital photography in the early 2000's. Much to our surprise we found it within a couple of minutes, which was a good thing because all of those countless layers of clothing were making me super hot.

I wasn't sure this would work, but I thought I would give it a quick try. So, I placed the loupe directly on the garage window from the inside. I didn't want to go outside until I had to this morning. Then I placed the lens of the iPhone directly on the other end of the loupe. It took a little adjusting to get a good view, but within a couple of minutes I had taken several photos to choose from.

After editing I decided to run it through Instagram to share on the Elkhart Truth account. I was pretty pleased with the result, but will likely try again when I have more time and the light is coming from a different angle.

So, it's cold, but it's never too cold to see the beauty of life that is all around us.

Have any of you had luck creating unique photos that show off the extreme winter we are having in Elkhart County?

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