Readers discuss school late school cancellation, snow emergency

Our weekly look at reader comments on The Elkhart Truth's Facebook page.

Posted on Feb. 6, 2014 at 8:44 p.m.

Our weekly look at reader comments on The Elkhart Truth's Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim.

POST: PARENTS: Needless to say, there have been a ton of snow days this winter.

We're wondering how this is affecting you and your family. Specifically, what's it like to have school cancelled after planning for a 2-hour delay?

Terry Lapierre: well for one... how long was the boy at the bus stop this morning before he gave up waiting on the bus. Told to be at bus stop at 845, I doubt that he (a teenager) watched the news after we left. #2, the teachers and staff do not get a delay... They were all out on the roads already and preparing their day. That is alot of extra traffic for plow trucks to dodge when they are on their way home. The county roads in Elkhart this morning were pure ice, with 3 inches of snow and snow still falling...

Dawn Smead Kissel: I take my son to school early - for their before school care. They are open even if there is a 2-hr delay. So he was already at school, and I was at work in Goshen when they called me to say they were canceling and he needed to be picked up. I had to ask his Grandma to go out in this weather to pick him up. It was very inconsiderate to wait that long to make the decision. It was a similar situation when the county commissioners delayed in calling the travel warning a couple weeks ago. They obviously do not care or think about the parents that are already at work with kids in daycare and have to scramble to figure out what to do with their children. It was clear in both cases that the weather & roads were bad at 6 am. Why wait until nearly 8 am?

Jacklin Beard-Green: As a teacher, 2hr delays help teacher collaborate, get things ready for students,and allows us to get grades etc done. Many of us have to report as close to our reporting time anyway,so the delay is a god send because we are in school for such a longer period of time. Now, do I agree waiting to the last minute...no, but as a teacher delays are helpful to us...I am also a parent of five...I understand the frustration of the child care situations that have been mentioned....just my thoughts:)

Cami Shank: It's very frustrating to plan for a 2 hr delay only to be told school has been canceled! I dropped my kids off to a babysitter who only will watch them for a little bit before school or a delay. So my husband had to call his boss and tell him he was going to be late so he could go get the kids and take them somewhere else! ECS needs to start thinking about working parents and get it together!

Freddy Gonzalez: Safety first.

POST: Did you have to brave bad conditions to get to work last Monday only to find out about the snow emergency?

From this weekend's Truth editorial: "(Elkhart County) Commissioners need to begin anticipating emergencies, not reacting to them after they’ve already unfolded."

What do you think?

Patty Juday: I wholeheartedly agee! Not only was I upset about the delay declaring the emergency but the fact that when looking at the indot map, Elkhart County showed "normal" road conditions. They could have at least declared an advisory or watch to begin with. EVERYONE knew conditions weren't normal. Employers use the County declarations to determine workplace closures.

Julie App Breitling: I think this is WINTER in Indiana. When I was growing up in Elkhart, weather "emergencies" did not happen very often, we just dealt with it and everyone took responsibility for their own safety. We didn't have facebook or the most advanced weather forecasting systems. I say use your gut instinct. Fear is more paralyzing than the weather itself.

Ron Dunker: thats like issuing a tornado warning after it hits.

Justin Nelson: I totally agree plan ahead Hope they plan ahead and not wait till the Last minute to Decide what to do.

Tim Matteson: "What did they know and when did they know it??" So tired of the Monday-morning quarterbacking. Al Roker tried that on the Today Show with the poor folks in Atlanta. Snow falls. Roads get slick. Slow down. Don't be an idiot.


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