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Reader offers advice to the paper about columnists.
Posted on Nov. 28, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Amen, Rich Preheim (“Leib should comment more on developments of local interest,” Nov. 19 People’s Forum) for saying some things I have been thinking! Richard Leib had some articles years ago about local history, I believe it was, and I hoped too to see some insight on things local. The columns on Indiana politics by Brian Howey on Fridays are great.

There are numerous national political columnists — right, left and sometimes down the middle — aired all week long, so the last thing we need is Mr. Leib regurgitating Fox News and Rush Limbaugh’s opinions (even if he may add his ... witticisms). Yes, a good amount of his columns are near plagiarism. I get it; he has a low opinion of President Obama — that does nothing to inform Elkhart on local politics.

So, why does The Elkhart Truth continue to let him spout as a qualified national politics columnist? Good question.

Dear Elkhart Truth, I have been a subscriber for over 30 years (yes, I still even get the paper edition seven days a week!), and I want to know what angle Mr. Leib’s column is supposed to bring to Elkhart and surrounding areas.

I really don’t care that he doesn’t like the president and “lefties.” He does not bring a new spin to the table or any realistic suggestions (maybe because people in the “beltway” don’t read The Elkhart Truth). It seems more likely that Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore and his political allies and foes do. It seems that using the excellent suggestions that Mr. Preheim stated would perhaps start some dialogue here, and that is something Elkhart and Elkhart County could use.

Think about it, OK?

Kathy Nowak


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