Government shutdown, meth raise strong feelings

Posted on Oct. 10, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on Oct. 10, 2013 at 6:17 p.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comments on The Elkhart Truth’s Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “Elkhart councilman advocates not passing a budget” (Oct. 7).

Rick Rodgers: Who’s running against Henke??? I’ll vote for them hands down!

Max Bailey: Sure, shut down all government. What are these guys drinking?

Herman Kauffman: Shut down city government (hmm). Sounds like he may be planning a run for Congress where he would fit right in.

BLOG: “Obama, critics pile on Rep. Stutzman’s ‘not going to be disrespected’ remark” (Oct. 4).

Amber Misener Raeder: Stutzman is part of the problem. He thinks by acting childish and attempting to stall on a law passed 3 years ago, he’ll get some political concession (which he doesn’t even know what, as long as it’s something, per his own mouth). He should be voted out for holding our government hostage and allowing 800,000 people to worry about where their next paycheck will come from. Shame on him!

Laura Woolley: The problem was a law was passed and then was read. A law that says that free Americans will do as the government says, or else. A law that gives the government the run of things. THAT is the problem.

Indiana Progressive Liberals Asinine, ignorant, stupid, moronic, clueless. I can keep going.

Beth Kirkpatrick: The ACA was debated and compromises were made regardless of whether any Republicans voted for it to become a law or not. We do not have a single-payer and we did not even get a public option. That debate is over. If there are changes that need to be made — and I’m sure there are — effort should have been put into making the law better for the last three years rather than waste millions of our tax dollars trying to repeal the entire law 43 times and start from scratch!

Sue Wilden: He spoke the truth. Obama had no respect for anyone.

Elaine Stevens: I think he explained it well. The Republicans don’t know what they want, but they’re going to destroy this nation until they get it.

Phil Good-Elliott: Let’s not kid ourselves. There is liberal media and conservative media and precious little in between. No side has the monopoly on truth. Stutzman’s honesty is telling, to be sure. I think it’s a shame our country has become so divided by such non-sensual power grabs.

STORY: “Six Elkhart residences burned in meth-related fires this summer” (Oct. 4).

Jason Moreno: Here’s an idea: Have the Elkhart County Community Foundation offer $10,000 rewards for reporting labs. Best 10k ever spent. Bonus: IT will make meth heads super paranoid about even starting up an operation when they know any meth head wanting 10 grand just has to narc them out.

Amber Misener Raeder: They should keep arresting people with marijuana! That will help this issue.

Tiffany Austin: Weed is just as bad as meth? Oh please. They are nothing alike. Marijuana doesn’t destroy lives.

Debbie Fay: Take away their welfare so they cannot afford to purchase items to make it. Yep.

Phil Good-Elliott: There are many users who hold full time jobs in factory settings. The meth is fuel for the fast, demanding physical labor so many factory jobs require.

Don’t think marijuana destroys lives? Talk to people in Mexico whose lives have been forever changed by living in violence-ridden regions contested by drug cartels. Buying pot=supporting crime.

Joel Cochran: I’m going to say, prohibition of anything has failed miserably. I think these problems are caused by flawed laws. Laws that create the market for gangs to rule.

Brandi Puntney Kucenski: obviously NOTHING is going to STOP these users ... we all know all the dope heads see the news and see the YEARS & YEARS all the other dope heads get when they get busted ... you’d think 40 + years would stop people from doing it but it doesn’t ...

David Hampton: Public beatings of meth dealers.

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