Teen charged as adult and sentences for three convicted teens hot topics

Posted on Sept. 19, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at Facebook comments on elkharttruth.com. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “Elkhart teen charged as adult in fireworks incident with pit bull” (Sept. 16).

Chris Montel: I’m a real fan of Elkhart simply for their charging these teenage criminals as adults. Keep up the great work Elkhart! Perhaps these hooligan kids will start acting right.

Amy Kotek Stahley: This guy is pathetic! Disgusted with situations like the one described. I’m certain he has some excuse or incident in his life that made him “ do it”. Jail is too good for him.

Marilyn Jerles Bender : I have a nine year pit. I can not imagine what I would do if this happen to her.

Sharon I’msoblessed Kirk: I will never have a party because a teenager is being charged as an adult and sent to jail. I will however wonder what this child’s life has been like and pray to God Almighty for his protection. So be very careful about what your saying, your turn may be right around the corner.

John Bertram: Why would you think he was a troubled child? Does every black person who engages in criminal activity have a past of being a troubled child? If so should black society police it’s population a little closer to find the solution. Maybe Gary was a punk with no morals and no human attributes such as feelings to guide him as a human being.

Andrea Lovitt Kollars: Finally! Maybe, there will be justice for this little dog; & hopefully, other people will learn from this!

Hopefully, others will learn there are consequences for animal abuse! He deserves to be tried as an adult despite his other crimes!

Cathy J Smith: What is this country coming to? So much violence!

STORY: “Teenagers convicted of murder in Elkhart burglary receive sentence” (Sept. 13).

Brandie Mcelhaney: this is extremely sad... for everyone involved...

Liam James: Congratulations Curtis Hill and the Justice system in Elkhart — You just wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on these crazy prison sentences — the community is not safer — and what do we get from this horrible decision? — We get a reputation like West Memphis as a place that supports injustices — We get a place on every national TV newsmagazine for the next 50 years exploring the failures of the juvenile justice system in the USA (already a TV crew is in Elkhart documenting this situation) — Sending a 16 year old boy to jail for 55 years for murder based on these facts is cruel (no other country in the western world would do this) Today a black mark has been placed on this community and that mark will stay until this injustice is corrected. — FREE THE ELKHART 4

Tina Pickering: Thank you Liam James! My point exactly!


Ryan Ritenour: How is the community not safer? Are you saying if they let them go they would never commit another crime? Get real. They only serve half of the sentence anyway. 25 and 27.5 years for burglary is still not enough.

Celeste Fernandez: I don’t understand the families of these guys now it’s unjustified, judge fault, Elkhart’s fault ... For real come on THEY KNEW RIGHT FROM WRONG IT’S NO ONE’S FAULT BUT THEY’RE OWN THEY HAD A CHOICE! This is the problem with society now a days it’s poor kids they grew up in a broken home,grew up poor,was bullied in school, etc, etc.

Marjorie Davis Peterson: I don’t agree with what these teens did. Yes it was a bad choice to go into someone else house to take things that didn’t belong to them. But I don’t agree with the sentence I think the maximum should have been 25 or less these guys are teenagers some teenagers make mistakes. I don’t know their criminal history but if it was their first offense the sentence is way to harsh.

Alejandra Aguilar: All this cause they made stupid choices! :( this is sad!

Janet Kruse Hershberger: According to the paper, the homeowner cannot even live in the house anymore. Bad karma for him. It is a sad situation but why did they think it was ok to BREAK into a home. We all make choices in life and have to live with the consequences of those choices. As a homeowner in Indiana, I appreciate the law.

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