Twice a shooting victim and murder conviction hot topics

Posted on Sept. 5, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on elkharttruth.com and The Truth’s Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim:

STORY: “Man shot by Elkhart police Sunday was shooting victim twice before” (Sept. 3).

Jennifer T Huskey (Facebook): So now all you people out there, tell me how is it that these teens just convicted of felony murder that had no weapons face 65 years in prison and the difference could be as little 13 mo and this 14 yr old boy gets to go home with a misdemeanor charge ohhhhhh yeaaaaa and they had a gun I am not understanding!

Bill Wargo (FB): Continued prayers for the three officers involved in this case.

Pam Ogren (FB): These gentlemen put their lives on the line everyday. They deserve our prayers and respect as do their families.

Brantly Unger: Here we go with the hero worship... Nothing like a little Stockholm Syndrome to brighten up this Police State. By no means am I defending Benavidez, but I know better than to praise uniformed thugs who shoot other thugs. I guess they are just doing their jobs? Lol!

Bret Null (FB): So the 14 year old WILL be charged with his murder right, Curtis Hill.

Lydia Jones (FB): Amen Bret Null...just proof that the Elkhart justice system is BROKEN...wake up people..remember this BS on election day...

Melissa McDonald (FB): lets see, felony murder, burglary, AND gang charges for the 14 year old.you may want to throw in a fleeing charge also. Where were the parents of this 14 year old? was this on the job training for new gang members. Get the gangs under control.

Dana S Miller (FB): Good riddens to a gang thug. Probably an illegal alien. Send the family back to Mexico where they belong!

Araceli Cardenas (FB): He is not illegal...

Edith Ortiz (FB): You can judge every hispanic, besides I would like to know were you come from... I’m sure you are not a Native American.

PKurpgeweit: This man was not a man at all. He was nothing but trouble by his history. Better that he is dead. It is obvious he was not changing his ways and very possibly one his future victims would have been killed.

STORY: “Family plans to fight for change in law, light sentence on teen’s unusual murder conviction” (Sept. 2).

Jim Vance (FB): How come these families did not complain before about this law? I will tell you why it did not effect them. Maybe the should have taught their children to obey the law in the first place then this would not be a problem. We must teach our children that every one of our actions comes with a result and sometimes the results are not very good or what we want.

Debbie McQueen (FB): Some of you people are so cold hearted and I hope none of your friends or family ever get in trouble ! You can raise your kids right that doesn’t mean they won’t make a mistake!

Dawn Albright (FB): U people and these nasty comments these boys did wrong but did not kill anybody they should be charged with what they did not something they did not do.

Chris Wilson (FB): Its a good law that shouldn’t be changed. Lock’em and throw away the key. They don’t deserve to be on the streets.

Ryan Ritenour (FB): murder or not, 45-65 years seems fine for burglary, especially when they couldn’t know for sure if anyone was home. There could have been small children in there: You know: ones younger than even them!

Dana S Miller (FB): In this case, I don’t feel the kids should spend 45 to 65 years in prison. I do feel they deserve several years in prison, but they didn’t actively commit murder. Now if the home owner was killed, then I’d say the long prison sentence was justified. Kids do stupid things when they’re young. But most of the time, through trial and error, they grow up to be productive adults.

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