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Readers comment on black youth, back-to-school

Posted on July 18, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on July 18, 2013 at 5:57 p.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on and The Truth’s Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim:

STORY: “Shoes, supplies and health screenings offered in back-to-school event” (July 13).

LyEnda: If churches want to spend their OWN $$$ to put shoes on kids, that is fine with us. They can spend their OWN $$$ any way they want. However, we’re afraid that this will start a ripple effect and those who already are on the public dole will now start to expect that my tax $$$ should be spent to give their kids new shoes, to go along with the free breakfasts and free lunches the kids are getting at school.

CharlesUFarley: I have said before I like Heinlen’s system. He wrote a story where birth control was in all the food and all the water, and to get the antidote you had to apply for a permit to conceive. That entailed background checks, psych exams, credit checks, financial review, parenting classes, and some counseling... and if you passed all of it, you got granted the ability to have ONE child. Want a second kid? Apply again.

Procreation is said to be an individuals right, but the child would have a life of their own and it is nobody’s responsibility but the parents to raise that child in a good environment. Careless procreation actually DOES harm another human being.

PKurpgeweit: CharlesUFarley — I hope people wake up and become responsible before our government goes to the potential extremes you speak of. A child should be considered a blessing no matter when conceived and parents should do the best they can to provide for and nurture the child to adulthood. All things of importance take sacrifice and caring/loving. If one does not want to be responsible for a child, there are many ways to prevent pregnancy before conception.

starsky: Except in Florida where a child is considered target practice.

COLUMN: “Black boys denied the right to be young” (July 16).

Crackerjack: Had TM called the cops instead of his racist girlfriend nothing would have happened.

Had TM just gone home instead of circling back around nothing would have happened.

Both of these men were at fault.

Why is there no outrage over any other killings?

TomButler1: A self appointed guardian of the neighborhood is never a good thing. The neighborhood should have been better organized in their neighborhood watch and had folks with a cooler head than Zimmerman. This is the speculation on my part — it is hard to really have a good opinion over a specific event you did not participate in — you have to rely on the press here.

This is a special case of a show trial and there is much blame to go around, including to the press.

There are certainly lessons to be learned here, but not necessarily the ones that the MSM wants you to learn.

starsky: The fox/tea bag party is showing its racist simpleton heads again in Elkhart county. Black child unarmed. Adult armed and stalking. Guess who dies? I’m not a violent person but I do encourage the martins to settle this on their own and then see 6 black women judge them. That would be sweet justice.GZ is a racist murderer and now part and parcel of the tea party movement. I don’t see any national elections going the way of racist cowards but you still have rupert to tell you that you matter, so you’ve got that going for you.