Readers comment on MOR/ryde expansion

MOR/ryde expansion approval has backers, detractors
Posted on May 23, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on May 23, 2013 at 5:25 p.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on elkharttruth.com and The Truth’s Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “MOR/ryde expansion approved with tie vote” (May 20).

Brian Replogle (Facebook): MOR/Ryde is the crappiest community member ever if they go through with this, Knowing full well they are the only ones who want it to happen. There are hundreds of vacant manufacturing buildings and thousands of acres of land all over Elkhart County for them to locate their business, but instead they want to destroy the quality of life of the very people who work for them and their fellow businesses. Ridiculous!

rickverde: Do not forget this taxpayers, Mike Yoder thumbed his nose at all who will suffer great property values decline.

Remember this next election, and do not re-elect this stooge again!

ugottabekidding: Well thought out decision. The people who were arguing against this sound much like the people who were arguing the decision about the Elkhart General consolidation with South Bend Memorial. The world didn’t end with the decision. The hospital is in better condition now then it was before. Services have gotten better and not worse. There always will be the group that is against any type of change, but change is needed to keep a community alive and thriving. Godd decision that will benefit everyone.

ltjomefdr: It tickles me, some of the people complaining about the Mor/Ryde expansion in the same breath complain about the job situation. You want your cake and eat it too? How about someone spoon feeds you the fact that the economy is still recovering and we need jobs? I know what most of the nay sayers will be spouting. We need jobs, but NIMBY! For those of you who don’t know what that is, Not In My Back Yard! Put that in our smipe and poke it!

farmermike: A few facts that seem to be getting lost in this discussion thread.

Manufacturing, schools and residential already exist side by side in this area. The rezoning did not change this at all. The land owners adjacent to the newly zoned manufacturing land, were already adjacent to M-1.

The price paid for the entire 22 acres as listed on the property disclosure card was above $30,000 per acre, in current manufacture zoned land listed for sale, that is about midpoint. The Plan Commission and Commissioners reduced the 22 acres available for manufacturing to 11 acres. One way to look at that is the commercial land cost per acre to the company is now closer to $70,000 per acre. The balance of the land does still have value because it can be developed as residential, so it is not a perfect example of doubling in cost.

The 22 acres that has been a buffer and wooded area in that community for many years changed owners and was destined to be developed into something. The wooded area was to be removed regardless of the Commissioner ruling. The existing R-1 zone with the availability of sewer allows high density residential. The entire 22 acres could have been developed with over 50 homes.

Very early in the petitioner’s request process, the School Corporation and MOR/Ryde did arrive at a proposed compromise solution which would have involved a land swap. The school could have gained additional acres, protected the green and open space to the south of the school and the company offered $80,000 to assist the school in replacing walking trails, a nature center and what ever else the school would like to do with the property. This type of offer by a company to a school is not a common occurrence.

The Eastwood PTA convinced the School Board the land swap was not a good compromise. Their position is the land given up had more value than the land gained.

fight4thekids: We, the PTA, did the right thing fighting the land swap. We stood up for one of the best natural resources the Eastwood kids have. Something I would think you would understand and encourage.

I’d like to be in the loop when we have the opportunity to change things. How would you suggest we get in that loop?

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