Horse meat Horse slaughter plants should not be allowed to reopen in U.S.

Joan Mauser talks about the issue of horse slaughter.
Posted on April 23, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

This is regarding the April 9 column by Steve Chapman, “What’s worse than horse slaughter?” I ask the same question. How can Mr. Chapman think the domestic processing of American horses would be any more merciful than their being sent to Canada or Mexico? This is being done now by “kill buyers” at sales and auctions due to the last two slaughterhouses here being closed down several years ago because of non-funding of inspections by the government.

A new agriculture bill signed into law has now opened the way for these horse slaughter plants to reopen for business. There are at least six states presently attempting this. Horse slaughter is cruel. The animal is usually still alive when strung up by a hind leg and sliced open. Can you imagine the fear and pain they suffer before their last breath? No animal that is butchered dies a painless death. Americans don’t eat horses but countries like France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Belgium and others do. England has recently found horse meat in the food being fed to their school children and passed off as beef. This is something that will also happen in the U.S. if these plants are allowed to reopen. Be prepared to ask if you’re being served horse meat the next time you’re at your favorite restaurant or think you are buying beef from your favorite grocery store.

American horses are subjected to many chemicals and drugs during their lives, which makes them unsuitable for human consumption. Do we all want to be subjected to this tainted meat because of the greed of some people? If it can happen in England, the U.S. is next.

Joan Mauser


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