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On sewer compact policy and gun laws

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on April 18, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comments on and The Truth’s Facebook page. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “Elkhart mayor critical of legislature in annual address” (April 17).

jhermsen: It seems strange how corporations who decide to locate just outside a city’s boundaries want all the same benefits received from those who live inside the city and who pay taxes for those services.

If sewer connections are so important to a company who does not want to set up their own sewer disposal system, then they should located within the city.

It is time for companies to step up to the plate and share in the expense of police, fire, hospitals, utilities and transportation and other infrastructure needs. Instead they seem to keep coming to the table for tax shelters and asking for everyone else to bear their responsibility to pay for these expenses.

BarrySoetoro: The City Republicans are dead wrong on the Compact issue. They, and the business owners, keep calling it a “usage fee.” It has nothing to do with sewer usage. If you are located within City limits you pay 100% of City Taxes. If you are connected to city services you should have to pay your fair share of maintaining the sewer lines, hydrants, the sewer facility, etc.

The solution is simple: if businesses outside the City want sewer and water they should pay their fair share (which is currently 75% of the City taxes or the Compact Fee). Or they can be annexed, then they would pay 100%. OR they can attempt to build their facility in industrial zoned land in the County without sewer and water - Good luck. No bank or insurance company will finance or insure a building without municipal sewer and water.

AMBujalski: I keep reading and hearing people talk about if they use city services then they should pay for them. Well they are paying for the services they use. Their taxes pay for their police (county Sheriff not Elkhart PD), there EMS (township fire and EMS services not city) plowing (county road crew, not Elkhart City) and trash (private firms with individual contracts, not city provided).

Well I agree that paying a little more then just usage is okay since those of us who live in the city do have our taxes used for upkeep there is stipulations to that and basing it on tax assessed value when they ALREADY pay taxes is asinine and essentially forces them to pay property taxes twice. My stipulation is allow these individuals and businesses a choice, (1) accept the contract per the City’s offer, (2) be annexed and become a part of the city, or (3) find service on your own. The problem here is that they are only being given choice (1) and nothing else. And for the Mayor complaining about Rep Wesco getting involved, he was asked by HIS constituents to do just that, Mayor Moore could learn a thing or two from Rep Wesco about listening to your constituents since that is who he is SUPPOSED to work for.

STORY: “Senate blocks expanded gun sale background checks” (April 17).

Jim Piechorowski (FB): Goverment totally broken with its hand out to the highest bidder....this time the NRA and its minions....A den of thieves applauded by “Red Neck Idiots” with “Good Bless America”...Dr. Goebbels would be proud of these good little Nazi’s marching in step to the NRA’s Lies...Shame on You!

Louis Simmons (FB): There is nothing better than a good argument and a defeat of BO and his cronies. God bless America!

TomButler1: YAY - Now let’s get armed neighborhood watch organized and supervised by Police and those gun free zones done away with next.

Crackerjack: So background checks would stop someone from stealing guns from a legal gun owner and taking them into a gun free zone and slaughtering children? seems legit

truthuser: There should be a limit of 4 liter pressure cookers.

rickverde: The will never take our guns away, never!