Government The bureaucratic mentality is squelching our American freedoms

Pete Ostapchuk talks about how he thinks the government regulates too much.
Posted on April 16, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

So they want to “regulate” mo-peds. I guess that’s another way to say “control and tax.” Elkhart has “people” to make sure that you shovel your sidewalk if it snows, pay a fee to put up a tent (are Boy Scouts exempt?) or a snow fence. Goshen now requires people with rental property to “register” their property over and over. I wonder if the process is free. My dad registered his company name 60 years ago and that was it. How long before they come after our riding mowers, farm tractors, and bicycles? Did you get a permit to put up that mailbox? If I had known that the three years I spent in the Army defending our freedoms would be for nothing, I would have stayed home and partied with my friends. We have seat belt laws and someone in the Big Apple is trying to make it illegal to sell soft drinks above a certain size. I’m wondering what happens to people when they get elected to public office.

My dad came to this country because there were no freedoms in the Ukraine. Now it’s like that everywhere.

We whipped the Nazis, the Soviets and polio but there is nothing that can be done about the bureaucratic mentality.

Buckle up and pretend that you are doing it because it’s a good idea, and not because “they” control every aspect of your life.

Pete Ostapchuk


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