On farmers, job growth and tax revenue

Readers weigh in on recent stories.
Posted on March 28, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on elkharttruth.com. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “Elkhart County farmers to feds: Keep your distance” (March 26).

Louis Simmons (via Facebook): Farms and farmers are heritage businesses. I don’t know anyone who can go out and buy a farm, make payments, buy equipment and turn a big profit on the hours worked and gamble on the weather and season. The government already has their fingers in the pie by controlling production and the prices. We don’t want the government to start farming....the current administration can’t balance a budget...most farmers can.

Chuck W. Bower (via Facebook): I’m a strong believer in getting the federal government out of our lives. But I question farmers who say the same. After all, the farmers even have their own cabinet level post and derive billions of dollars a year from the tax payers in the form of price supports, subsidies, being paid not to grow food, etc. Let’s face facts!

rickverder: Something needs to be done and done quickly. Farmers in this area are sucking up our water tables at a rapid and unchecked pace. They are destroying thousands of acres of trees every year to make way for huge irrigation systems.

Water rights need to be regulated and regulated ASAP.

Farmers receive billions of dollars every year in the form of price supports, subsidies, low interest loans, etc., all paid for by the taxpayer. It is not fair for farmers to suck up water from people next door that do not farm.

Farmers used to be stewards of the land. No longer!

Buford: I throw my vote against farm subsidies. At best I would limit them to smaller sized family farms not Big Ag, although I imagine that they too would have their lawyers find a way to make it an advantage for themselves too.

STORY: “Elkhart County manufacturing led county to top nation in job growth” (March 28).

nbenn514: well, when you start from zero....

starsky: In Elkhart we don’t take kindly to yer high falootin good news with yer cypherin and such.

CharlesUFarley: In Elkhart we can look at the numbers and see your BS. Of course, most of us wonder what the heck is wrong with the rest of the country for NOT being able to see the truth behind it...

bart2013: The FEDS prop up wall street, the jobs increase are mostly part time jobs,the numbers aren’t really telling the truth. It’ the “GRAND ILLUSION”. College students graduating,and the only jobs available to most of them are at taco bell.

STORY: “Data shows property tax revenue decline in Elkhart County” (March 26).

TheLibertyScale: Listen to these loser politicians squealing like pigs because of less theft of your property. Liars and thieves. Oh and parasites.

Personally I’m glad you get to keep more of your money.

Peter Lavrich

Catwoman6: Welcome to the “real world” of having to do more with less! Last year I got my first pay raise in 8 years and it has made a whopping $6 a week difference in my paycheck so yeah, I have to do more with less. Personally I am so thankful for the tax caps! We are being taxed to death. We all have to give up some of our “wants” to focus on the “needs”!

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