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Thursday, April 24, 2014

On immigration and drug testing aid recipients

Reader discuss recent stories.
Posted on Feb. 28, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on eTruth.com. All quotes are verbatim.

STORY: “Undocumented immigrants and their boosters cheer bill’s approval” (Feb. 26).

READ IT HERE: http://is.gd/Kf1jt3

Jon Nelson (via Facebook): give give give give it away.

Amber Dru (via Facebook): Why would tax payers want to subsidize illegals higher education? Our own grads are unemployed and under employed. This very paper has printed such articles and so has every other paper in the country..Fight back and call your rep and tell them not to reward crime. 317-232-1000.

Terry Deante (via Facebook): America was founded by immigrants. I don’t understand why people seem to forget that though. Who are we to say someone can and can’t live here. It’s not like we make it easy for undocumented immigrants to become citizens. America is supposed to be a country for everyone. Not just the people born here. We as Americans are so selfish and closed minded we tend to forget that.

Please support the Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance to give undocumented youth a fair chance to make this country a greater one.

jhermsen: Look, these people have paid Indiana taxes. They support Indiana Education. For anyone who thinks that they should be denied the same access as any other Hoosier to the state schools is doing so based upon racism alone, not fairness.

Why would some young adult who has lived here in Indiana most of their lives, their family paid taxes to Indiana, not be allowed, when at the same time, a kid from New England, come and get a waiter job or a job at McDonalds for one year and be allowed to enroll as an instate student? It just does not make sense.

And the kicker, the kid from New England will flee Indiana and relocate somewhere else while the young adult who has lived here will have the greatest chances of remaining here

JoeMannix: We should set up college campuses in certain foreign countries. That way students whose parents lacked the essentials to sneak into our country illegally could still have their children looked after. If funding is needed we could tax corporations because they all have plenty of money.

Another idea might be to send air conditioned buses to our southern border to pick up people who would like to come to our country illegally. It doesn’t seem fair to me that only some illegals can get here. What about illegals who suffer from disabilities who cannot make the traditional illegal entry? Are we that heartless and racist that we don’t care for these dear souls?

STORY: “Bill requiring drug testing of aid recipients passes Indiana House” (Feb. 25).

READ IT HERE: http://is.gd/D7lZiA

Rebecca Hollingsworth (via Facebook): Its about time!

getagrip: I think the only people who will be upset are the ones abusing. I just hope this does not hinder young women who really need help for there children because there afraid of a drug test. I don’t want the children to suffer

detailshp: So, Since Indiana is now a “right to work state.” can I opt out of this program using my tax dollars to pay for the test? Can we set this up so that only the people who want to have everyone tested should pay for the cost of the test? Hey, we can opt out of paying union dues now, so why should I have to pay for the cost of this test?

bart2013: These elected reps. must find a new way to waste money. They haven’t researched the states that are already doing this? Haven’t they discovered that it costs more than they’re going to get out of it? Certainly there will be a notice given out when they need to report for their peepee test. There are some items that can be consumed that can cleanse the body in just 24 hours. This again is a waste of tax payer dollars.

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