Government workers Salary probably not the main concern

Larry Pappas talks about government workers.
Posted on Feb. 28, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

I recently read the article in The Elkhart Truth about how our government workers’ pay is below what they could make in the private sector. We are led to believe that we face losing these employees to better paying jobs elsewhere. If these employees want to leave, I wish them well in their job search.

It may be true that a secretary, lawyer or even a road worker can make more money working for a private company or industry. But a government worker enjoys benefits such as sick days, pensions and many paid holidays that are just not offered in the private sector. Along with these benefits, the workers have pretty secure jobs. This also isn’t so in the private sector, where you could lose your job to Mexico or China.

If you are working for the government in any capacity, from a U.S. senator to a garbage collector, you are being paid by the taxpayers. Hopefully, you took this job not only for the wages, but because you had the chance to serve your country, state or city. If you want to leave to pursue higher wages, there will be many qualified applicants glad to have your jobs.

Larry Pappas


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