Sunday alcohol sales $SUBT_ON$People have six days a week when they can buy alcohol$SUBT_OFF$

Posted on Feb. 4, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

In his Jan. 21 letter (“It’s time to end the ban on Sunday alcohol sales”), Jason Reed stated that on a Sunday he was cooking his “famous” pasta Bolognese and needed to add a full bottle of dry red wine. The poor man was out of dry red wine and had to borrow from a neighbor because we have this terrible law that you can’t buy liquor on Sundays. (Forget about the other six days a week when you can buy!)

He didn’t even have extra wine to “enjoy a glass or two while making his wonderful meal.” Now that’s a shame!

Let’s change our liquor laws banning Sunday sales in case he forgets to buy his wine on one of the other six days.

I don’t think the stores are closed on Sunday just to upset him.

I’ve always understood they are closed on Sunday, as that is the day of worship.

Mary Riley


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