Friday, November 27, 2015

On Donnelly, being Te’oed and immigrants

Posted on Feb. 1, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on All quotes are verbatim:

STORY: “Donnelly spokesman: Senator will oppose assault weapons ban” (Jan. 30).


CharlesUFarley: I don’t agree with most of his policies, but I am glad to hear he is being sensible on this issue!

Wait a sec, didn’t he also say he wasn’t going to vote for Obamacare?

StandardTime: Dont suprise me >> He is a BLUE DOG DEMOCRAT! He need to wake up and stand up to progresive principles of doing the right thing and not worry about the next election.

truthuser: This country is turning into the old Soviet Union.

Carl Marx would be proud.

deeogee: Donnelly is doing the correct thing but for the wrong reason. He should be opposing the ban to protect our rights but ole Joe just wants to keep his cushy position in Congress and doesn’t want to go against the NRA.

STORY: “Elkhart immigrants: Has the time come for immigration reform?” (Jan. 29).


myVoice: You gotta luv those who proclaim this as the right thing to do. The right thing would have been to not enter the country illegally.

I will admit this has given me new insight into ways to creating a better life for my family while breaking the law and then returning in the future with demand for amnesty.

Crackerjack: Ban them...problem solved

ltjomefdr: I have an idea> lets charge these 11 million immigrants a hundred dollars apiece to stay here. Our government needs the money, and after all as soon as they are legal we can all help give those unable or unwilling to work the money back in welfare payments!

COLUMN: “Richard Leib: We’re asking to be Te’oed” (Jan. 27).


bart2013: Our nation has been Te’oed for decades, and until we elect common everyday folks to elected office then we will continue to have crooked ambulance chasing lawyers deciding what they think is best for them.

Buford: I have to agree, “Catfish” Obama had people thinking that he was someone else!

TomButler: More rants about the present and future from the self styled former furniture salesman turned curmudgeon pundit.

There are definitely issues with our current society in America but there is surely hope represented by the next “Greatest Generation”.

Crime, especially violent crime is way down among the youth even in the face of the greatest economic down turn since the Great Depression. Crime has exploded in every other economic collapse in the past and yet it is way down now. Hard drug use, teen pregnancy and education is way up.

The era of the coddled materialistic baby boomers is coming to an end and the digital natives are much more enlightened and hopefully able to clean up the mess.

The comments about President Obama being a disappointing I can agree with in many cases but at least he is making progress in some areas unlike the do nothing positive Republican Congress. Every time I am disappointed by Obama, I think about Mitt Romney and am so thankful that the Corporate mentality was strongly rejected by the American voter.

Hope and Change — It isn’t Obama as much as it is the American young people and the negative illusion of Nostalgia as personified by Leib is as unaccomplished as it gets.