human nature Exploitation hides the real problem of sin

Robert Jefferson writes about human nature
Posted on Jan. 21, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Thank you, Greg Eby. Your Jan. 9 letter (“The problem is not guns but sin”) warns us about the propaganda we read in the secular media and the exploitation of atrocities (the Sandy Hook murders) by many of our politicians that accomplishes nothing — actually, worse than nothing because it conceals our other deadly problem (the sin problem). You are right, human nature does remain consistent. Our nature is deceitful above all things. Particularly, we deceive ourselves about God who showed Adam and Eve, and showed Noah, the dreadful consequences of wickedness.

We need a great awakening not only in America, but throughout the Western world. You said we need parents who will teach their children the difference between right and wrong “in absolute terms.”

An article (Dec. 22, Elkhart Truth) asked, “Does anyone know what God is like?” — a question far beyond the most brilliant or imaginative mind. Yet everyone from Noah forward knows in absolute terms that God is the authority for right and wrong. We all know that God is absolute good itself, justice itself and absolute truth itself.

Another article in the same paper asked, “Why not blame God for the (Sandy Hook) shootings.” My answer is, go to hell. I believe that wickedness today is rapidly approaching the wickedness in Noah’s time. The glorious favor God has bestowed on us includes freedom to humbly accept his gifts or arrogantly throw them back in his face.

I believe we all deserve to suffer while on earth not only from the Sandy Hook atrocity but for multimillion abortions and multimillion men and women addicted to pornography and multimillion other sins.

I believe we must recognize the dreadful consequences of wickedness today and repent, or all of us will suffer in Hell.

Robert Jefferson


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