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On Te’o, angry Elkhart residents

Posted on Jan. 18, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on All quotes are verbatim:

Story: “Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick defends Manti Te’o in girlfriend hoax” (Jan. 16).

Read it here:

flynavy75: I don’t know the entire story, but I do know that anything Mr. Swarbrick says should not be taken as entirely accurate.

Remember when Declan Sullivan was killed when the scissor lift he was on collapsed at an ND football practice? Mr. Swarbrick stated that was a normal day when a sudden gust of wind came up and toppled the lift. Everyone else in the Michiana area was aware that it had been an incredibly windy day throughout that day. He was twisting facts at that time to limit accountability for ND. Mr. Swarbrick’s credibility is on par with that of Lance Armstrong when it comes to stating facts.

Due to past statements, I don’t view him as a reputable source of information.

Crackerjack: Of course, he has an interest in keeping ND clean.

breakintheskin: You have to be kidding me! What in the hell is wrong with people?

1st, why is this news?

2nd, there is no opinion to have, it’s a blatant lie, plain and simple.

3rd, if you are contemplating an alternative explanation, seek mental treatment.

4th, people will buy into anything as long as it comes from the right source.

5th, vomit.

blkmnly: @ breakintheskin...Its news because he (Te’o) extorted the emotions of thousands of fans. To what end and extreme seems to be the questions that need to be answered.

JackN: My hunch is if you watch Jack Swarbrick’s Press Conference on, I think some of you will have a significantly different perspective of what is happening.

If you ask me this is one very sick person, and the sick person isn’t Manti.

ltjomefder: Hard to imagine having a relationship with someone for four years, count them again, four years and never saw that person in the flesh. I even have a camera on my computer! May be that this is a hoax on the ND fans?

Story: “Elkhart homeowners irked at annexation provision” (Jan. 17).

Read it here:

truthuser: “Nobody from the city administration attended the meeting despite an invitation, according to Fader.”

Why would anyone from the administration attend? The ones complaining live outside the city limits and so they can’t vote in the city elections.

Why would the city annex the area? The city can charge a hefty rate for the water and sewer and doesn’t have to provide any of the other city services.

This is a great example why I feel cities should only be able to charge one rate. Then to expand their tax base they would need to make themselves attractive to people living outside the city limits to want to be annex. With this arrangement there is no inventive.

LyEnda: Sounds to me like these people who live OUTSIDE the city limits (and don’t want to be annexed into the city) want the same lower water/sewer rates that those who DO live inside city limits. While we do feel that charging them a higher rate for these CITY services should be a fair price, they should NOT be paying the lower rate that in-city residents pay. If they want the lower rates that city residents pay, then they should be annexed into the city limits. It’s that simple. Otherwise, they should pay more.

Buford: I agree that they should pay more but not have the gun to the head to agree to annexation. Agree to possible annexation, then pay the same but not both.