Holiday support School bus filled with food filled a need

Posted on Jan. 12, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

What a great idea it was to fill a school bus with food to share with our students and their families who need help making ends meet. Clearly, a school bus can hold a lot of food, because I had never seen our lobby so piled with food as when the bus was unpacked on the morning of Dec. 17. It didn’t take long for the school social workers, nurses, counselors and parent coordinators to transfer all that food directly to students and their families needing assistance this year. In fact, well over 100 families of students were recipients of the community’s generosity through the good work of the good people at The Elkhart Truth.

On behalf of Superintendent Rob Haworth, the Board of School Trustees, our teachers, social workers, nurses, counselors, parent coordinators, and — most especially — the students of Elkhart Community Schools and their parents, please accept my sincere thanks to everyone at The Elkhart Truth for the time, effort and care that was put into this truly magnificent act of giving. Your ongoing holiday support is greatly appreciated.

John T. Hutchings

Director, Student Services Dept.

Elkhart Community Schools

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