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On Elkhart retail complex, flu season

Posted on Jan. 11, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on All quotes are verbatim:

Story: “City of Elkhart agrees to finance $3 million for Shoppes on Six” (Jan. 9).

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Nancy Markley Stanner, via Facebook: You say ..High end? And 3 million dollars? You have to be kidding. Please define High End.

Barbara Baugher-Loucks, via Facebook: So is this where the $ from the raising of the compact fees along CR 6 and in the county is going? Hmmmmmmmmm

deeogee: Here comes the $50 trash fee.

Betty Spaghetti: Oh My Gosh! Deeogee, that is so funny. I am Laughing and it is not Funny cause you are probably so right.

LyEnda: This is a mistake. The city should NOT be in the business of giving $$ to companies who ‘dangle the carrot.’

ltjomefdr: Unfortunately dangling the carrot as you so aptly put it is the normal thing now. It looks as though the city of Elkhart is slowly moving out to county road six and cassopolis streets!

CharlesUFarley: If the developer can turn a profit, they should foot the bill. If they cannot turn a profit, they should choose another location. Putting city coffers into a private enterprise is disgustingly amoral.

How many YEARS will it take to earn that 3 million back in tax revenues from the project in question? Counting the entire development district’s TIF is unethical obfuscation, and if I owned a business in that TIF district I would be raising holy hell that my tax money was going to support potential competitors.

RMasters: Great, the city does not have money, lays off needed employees (like police etc.), and then gives money to shops? They go out of business and the city will loose the funds, remember downtown restaurants?

Can we finance something good and not shopping and eating? Or is that all that counts here?

Story: “Flu season surges earlier, stronger” (Jan. 9).

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Terry Hight, via Facebook: Seems like $50,000 worth of free flu shots for people who have no insurance would of been more well spent than ads telling people of the importance in getting flu shots that many CANNOT afford!

jhermsen: With seven deaths from the flu just in Indiana and 18 nationally, it sure puts perspective on Goshen Hospital’s need to protect its patients and staff.

NessaB: Indeed it does - how many have died from the vaccine itself?

The benefits far outweigh the risk when it comes to being vaccinated. I think people forget the dangers of the influenza virus.

ugottabkidding: I don’t believe any of you folks that don’t want the shot should get the shot. I also hope that when you catch the flu, or heaven forbid, die from the flu that they publish next to your names your idiotic behavior and lack of intelligence for not getting the shot that may have saved you. By the way, IF you don’t get the shot and feel yourself getting sick WOULD YOU PLEASE STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME OR ANY OF MY FAMILY!

myVoice: As this is flu season, the viruses will be more prevelant where ever one goes with others present. Should we also all stop congregating in enclosed building or stop eating hot prepared foods because it might or may save us from contracting one of the viruses and perhaps spare us from death? The bottom line is this all about making a personal informed decision that unfortunately for some is evaporating into a forced compliance based on less than conclusive data.