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On sign wavers and firearms

Posted on Dec. 7, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on All quotes are verbatim.

Story: “Elkhart mayor pledges to fine sign wavers beginning Feb. 1” (Dec. 4).

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flynavy75: “Moore said there are often many ordinances that are on the books that are never enforced. The sign ordinance was established before he was elected mayor and said he doesn’t know why it wasn’t being enforced”

Mayor, perhaps the question to ask is, why is the ordinance there at all? So, the Mayor stated that it was too dangerous to allow people to wave signs on the sidewalk because someone may hit them and the city could be liable. On the sidewalk? Really?

Ok, let’s say the Mayor’s point is valid, even though it isn’t. He claims that it is too dangerous for adults to wave signs, but it is apparently safe for high school kids to do the same thing. That defies logic. It’s either safe, or it isn’t.

The entire process by the Mayor doesn’t pass the giggle test. Is there someone that has business interests that are being hurt by the advertising and they are putting pressure on the Mayor to stop it? There has to be some reason because the Mayor’s logic just doesn’t make sense. If there is an outdated ordinance, how about doing the right thing and get rid of it. Mayor, tape yourself explaining why the sign wavers should be banned and then go watch the video. I think then you’ll realize how ridiculous it sounds.

patriotsteve: Is it safe to walk on the sidewalks? Now I’m afraid to get my mail.

bleubelle: This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, The mayor looks more and more like a fool every day. I feel sorry for the sign wavers, they will now be jobless, and in most cases this is the only type of job they can get. shame on you mayor dick. I think the mayor has a personal problem with sign wavers, they either annoy him or hes prejudice against these people who do the sign waving. Making up stupid excuses why they cant do this like safety,but saying its ok for kids to do it? dumb, dumb dumb.

truthuser: What if the Mayor enforcing the ordinances saves just one life?

Shouldn’t they be enforced?

Column: Leonard Pitts, “In Colorado, empty gun dorm sends a message” (Dec. 6).

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jhermsen: This shows the insanity of state and federal elected officials. It also shows how stupid the people of Colorado and elsewhere (including Indiana) are by allowing such terrible things.

Don’t go crying about mass murders or asking me to help victim funds of such tragic events when the people themselves are so stupid to allow mass carrying of arms. The gun lobbyists may say guns don’t kill, people kill. But the people should have the right to say you cannot carry a gun because YOU are too stupid to exercise good judgement when you loose your temper. It happens all the time. You don’t have to wait for another school shooting or mall shooting, or theater shooting. Just drive down the highway and see how ill-tempered drivers act poorly when they perceive that someone passed them, or the driver is going the speed limit and not speeding. Actions do speak louder than words. And the actions confirm that some gun restrictions are needed.

gingerx1: Pitts is touting the same policies that let to communism. What’s new?

CharlesUFarley: Politicians don’t mind banning guns as long as they are still protected by guns, even in the hands of their “security” team. They don’t care if their constituents are vulnerable.