On the results of Tuesday’s election

eTruth.com readers comment on Tuesday's election.
Posted on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on eTruth.com. All quotes are verbatim:

Story: “Newly elected to U.S. House, Walorski plans to pursue repeal of Obamacare, balanced budget” (Nov. 7).

Read it here: http://is.gd/bSPfi1

starsky: So her ideas seem limited to not liking other peoples ideas. How can we not win with her? It’s like having our very own Palin. Does she teach history as well as sarah does?

elwood: Okay, so she won and in her very first speech she promises to take on a crusade that will actually put her on her butt for the rest of her term. That’s a win win for all.

LyEnda: Not even sworn in yet, and already stating that she will do everything she can do to end ‘Obamacare.’

Not even sworn in yet, and already demonstrating that she will be a puppet for the Republican and Tea parties, and that her campaign promises were nothing but a bunch of... MALARKI.

Now THAT’S what we call reaching across the aisle, folks.

Give her enough rope and she will put herself out of her misery.

NessaB: Well that is reassuring. The House voting to repeal the ACA went so well the first 33 times. Or is it 34 or 35 times now? Maybe the magic number will be attempt 333.

Story: “Donnelly wins Indiana Senate seat” (Nov. 7).

Read it here: http://is.gd/ykJLvE

jhermsen: Hope it is obvious to Mourdock by now that it WAS God’s intention to inflict HIS divine and the people’s opinion upon Richard and those who want to divide this nation and not cooperate and resolve the issues we all face.

TomButler: The demographic results are clear, it was women and the young growing population of recent Latino immigrants who saved America for now from immediate ruin.

tlc4tk: way to go Tea Party... donnelly would not have won going against Lugar ... time to re-tool boys.

Story: “Ritz gets backing of teachers, ousts Bennett from state superintendent post” (Nov. 6).

Read it here: http://is.gd/8DQbmc

ugottabkidding: This election result really does show what a large group, like the teachers, can do if they apply themselves to campaigning. Well done teachers of Indiana. It really was time for Bennett to go. His efforts to help Indiana schools, in my opinion, really did a better job of dividing people. I hope she, Ritz, can get people back on track of trying to help schools rather than divide loyalties. This also shows me that Indiana voters are wise enough to select people who are right for the job instead of just “Party-Line” voters. We see this with a Republican Govenor and a Democratic State School Superintendent.

wngsprnt50: You missed a word in the article ... lifelong educator backed by teachers UNIONS unhappy with Bennett’s sweeping education overhaul.

And, by all means, we definitely need to reverse a decision to test third graders to see if they can read before moving them on to fourth grade. I mean really ... who needs to read these days right?

eliaskable: Tremendous, tremendous victory for the teachers.

The comment about unions is hilarity. Bennett outspent Ritz 10 to 1. Of course she had union support — the teachers wanted Bennett out. Isn’t that the purpose of a union?

Well done.

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