Friday, May 6, 2016

Erin Brenneman (Truth Photo By Mark Shephard) (Mark Shephard)

Tyra Carver (Truth Photo By Mark Shephard) (Mark Shephard)

Kyler Lehman (Truth Photo By Mark Shephard) (Mark Shephard)

Michael Yoder (Truth Photo By Mark Shephard) (Mark Shephard)

Aaron Stiffney (Truth Photo By Mark Shephard) (Mark Shephard)
GC students talk presidential politics

Posted on Oct. 6, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Elkhart Truth Correspondent Mark Shephard visited Goshen College this week and asked, “As a college student who will be eligible to vote in your first presidential election, what answers will you be listening for in the Obama/Romney debates?”

Kyler Lehman, junior, Albany, Ore.:

“There’s quite a bit of an issue surrounding health care. It’s a big issue for a lot of people. For me, it’s kind of important because a lot of classes I’m taking right now kind of discuss health care issues, and how a lot of people don’t have access to it. I’m interested to see how that gets resolved. Other than that I’m not looking forward to particularly anything intensely. I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention besides everybody’s political ads attacking each other. Other than that, I haven’t looked into it very deeply.”

Erin Brenneman, senior, Kalispell, Mont.:

“I’m looking for answers as to how to help college students pay for education, of course, because it’s very expensive and I think it’s something everyone should be able to afford. I’m looking for answers about the economy, and how to get that back in shape, and also cleaner forms of energy. Those are my main ones.”

Michael Yoder, sophomore, Kalona, Iowa:

“I’m from Iowa, and that’s one of the reasons I’m not voting, because I’d have to get out of state. And also, I don’t think either candidate is worth voting for this year. And so, the debate (Wednesday night) is really pretty moot to me. I’ve already condemned both of them, essentially. I don’t think that anything that either of them has to say is going to make them a more worthwhile candidate.” Follow-up: What will you be looking for in the future that will make a candidate worthwhile? “It might be kind of a cliched answer coming from Goshen College, but I’d be looking for more peace talk. I mean, Obama promised to get us out of wars that he didn’t get us out of, and Romney definitely won’t be talking about peace. So, I’d be looking for more peace, and more ending of things like the Patriot Act that allow for indefinite detention of American citizens and things like that.”

Aaron Stiffney, sophomore, Goshen:

“I’m not going to vote. I don’t really pay attention to political debates.” Follow-up: What things are important to you in the world right now that a presidential candidate should address? “I guess foreign policy, and how our country treats other countries. And I guess in our own country, the big topic right now would be the economy. I never really have followed politics. I’m not really educated to make a knowledgeable decision.”

Tyra Carver, freshman, Kalamazoo, Mich.:

“Just ideas that help college kids, and things that will benefit me as a person, not just like everyone else. Just things that will affect the college community as a whole. That’s kind of like my biggest concern right now.”