On a shooting death and politics

eTruth.com readers comment on a shooting death and political debates.
Posted on Oct. 5, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Our regular Friday look at reader comment on eTruth.com. All quotes are verbatim:

Story: “Victim in Frances Ave. shooting ‘wasn’t a bad kid’” (Oct. 4).

Read it here: http://is.gd/wr2zcI

RMasters: No, but now he turned into one, or how do you call people who brake into other peoples houses? Gee.

Obamahater: He used to be a bad kid he’s dead now

smbrown: First off could you be anymore insensitive? He wasn’t a bad kid, anyone who knew him or came into contact with him would never had seen this coming. He as a good student, great athlete and a good person. Have some respect and think before you open your mouth. He was loved by many.

yoder2: WE DON’T CONDONE HIS ACTIONS! We do feel bad for the owners of this house and the experience they had, but we just lost a friend. We are mourning his loss not denying his part in this.

debemt: I live around the corner from this home, I admit, we were scared last night after the fact, it’s the not knowing. I cannot even begin to imagine what the homeowner was going thru, and he did what he had to do to save his own life, even is he wasn’t in danger, we will never now. But, I will always believe that the kid that got shot just lost his life and hurt all his family and friends by one stupid mistake. This is just a sad day all around. Please people wake up and learn a lesson from this. Was that tv or 20 dollars really worth a young mans life? No. Stay straight and think about what your doing. We can all learn from this. Go out and take a stand and help out the youth of the community and let them know. WAS THIS WORTH YOUR LIFE?? Then pray for the guy who shot him. He will have to live with this the rest of his life. : ( Just sad all around.

Story: “Plans in doubt for TV debate involving main U.S. House contenders” (Oct. 3).

Read it here: http://is.gd/GJXguO

flynavy75: Those are two debates that would be televised and Walorski refused to participate, even though she had participated in the past election. In her defense, she has absolutely nothing to gain from a debate and everything to lose since if she does nothing, she will win the election. It’s not a brave move by any means, but it is a smart one. It’s politics.

TomButler: Have you ever seen a more laughable and incredible statement in your life then the one made by the Wabash Chamber of Commerce that they don’t have the capability to televise events - LOL!

We have had the capability to set up television feeds from the middle of a hurricane for years now.

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