Do citizens have leverage on Election Day?

Posted on Sept. 29, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Correspondent Mark Shephard visited the Old Bag Factory in Goshen this week and asked, “What do you hope your vote has the power to change on Nov. 6?”

Chris Neer, jewelry boutique owner, Leesburg:

“Hopefully, the direction of the country. I feel that a lot of the battling that has been going on between Republicans and Democrats is really not the issue that we need to worry ourselves about. It’s more the economy and the world.” Follow-up: What direction would you like to see it head? “I would like to see the economic growth of our country move forward. It has been stagnated, not only by the president, but by the Congress and the Senate. So hopefully we can get going in the right direction.”

Carol Nickel, pottery store staff, Elkhart:

“Well, I’m concerned that we shouldn’t cut back on things for the disabled because they really need it. I have a severely handicapped son, and he benefits from that, and I’m grateful for that.” Follow-up: So entitlements are important? “Yeah, Medicaid. I hope they don’t cut that.”

Glenda Chupp, restaurant owner, Goshen:

“My husband has been out of a job for a few years because of the economy. We need something in this area to boost the economy.” Follow-up: Do you think politicians can work those type of miracles as far as boosting the economy? “Probably not. In small business, since I own my own business, small businesses need all the help they can get. And I’m pro-life. I don’t believe in abortion. I’m pro-family. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Lani Wolferman, sales associate, Syracuse:

“I have big health care issues. I have a pre-existing condition that does not allow me to get insurance, and that is a concern for me.” Follow-up: So you’re for Obama’s Affordable Care Act? “I’m for being able to get insurance. I think parts of it are good, and parts of it are bad. I don’t know enough about it for specifics. Where I work, they will only let me work 1,000 hours a year, because if I work over 1,000 hours a year they have to offer me benefits, and they will not offer anyone benefits, nor will they hire anyone full time anymore.”

Bill Landow, photographer and musical instrument store proprietor, Goshen:

“Prevent a slide into socialism.” Follow-up: Why do you think our country is sliding into socialism? “Because we’re spending more money than we can ever pay back at least not without putting a burden of regulation and financial constraint on our population, and that will limit our freedoms and will give the government the power to make all the decisions for our lives, and I’m just afraid that if we don’t stop what’s going on in Washington now, in four years it will be too late.”


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