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Reader Feedback for Friday, Feb. 24, 2012.
Posted on Feb. 24, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

This is our regular Friday feeback from eTruth.com. All quotes are verbatim.

“New office for Wellfield Gardents, more free hours for city residents,” Feb. 22

Find it here: http://bit.ly/wQZs8i

Ÿ resignunt — $5? Good-bye.

Ÿ ltjomefdr — It’s too bad they have decided to charge. Something like that should be free or at least less than what is proposed.

Ÿ 1965GTO — I assume that they will have someone (either paid or unpaid) sitting at the entrance of the park from 9 am to closing, seven days a week to collect the $5 admission fee from all of the Elkhart residents that will no longer be showing up to visit the park. The $ 13+ million dollars that they are going to spend to renovate this park is indeed big bucks and worth the $ 5 price of admission once a year to see it. One visit a year should pretty much cover it.

Ÿ Goofy2012 — So what are they doing now to keep out the non-city residents?

This will probably be like what killed the golden days at Ox Bow: Charging a fee. I remember going to Ox Bow in the 70’s and watching all the people fly RC planes, kites, fishing, etc. The last few times I was there I was lucky to see another person at all. Now, I don’t go. It seems more run down even though they charge for it.

Ÿ Crackerjack — I used to take my daughter here 3+ days a week to walk around. We were amazed watching the transformation from a place where kids used to huff paint to a beautiful park. Its not worth 5 dollars to walk through it, and the activities are pretty limited. No fishing, no leaving the path, no pets in the water.

“12 arrested as Elkhart County police serve warrants Monday,” Feb. 21

Find it here: http://bit.ly/wc1N5g

Ÿ RMasters — I bet you none of them saw that coming (which is good!)

Ÿ panda28 — The intresting thing is, you would assume if they you were picking up someone for a warrant you would go to their current address or previous address. Being tipped off to where someone with a warrant is and going to that house doesn’t count as doing your job when you didn’t make any effort to find said person before he was in the news, in the paper, and on etruth.’

Ÿ johnbertram — Nine warrants out of over 12000 does not a blitz make. If there are cases that aren’t criminal in nature then why would the county resources be involved.

Nine warrants served with arrests made, considering the outstanding warrant number is totaling over 12,000, seems to be less than impressive on the part of law enforcement in Elkhart county. These numbers do not seem to justify the operation being called a blitz. What is the reason for issuing arrest warrants without enforcement anyway, other than feeble attempts by the law enforcement agencies and the judges trying to cover up their ineffectiveness as representatives of the courts and the people of the county. When a arrent is issued, especially for contempt that warrant should be served and arrest made the day after to ensure justice is swift and the accused do not abscond to another state or etc. The police work 24/7 and they can serve these around the clock. It is time for them to step up and be counted or the voters to remove those who can’t perform their obligations.

Ÿ AnonymOus — The next time you are stuck in traffic because of a crash that the sheriff’s department hasn’t addressed you can thank your 24/7 approach to serving warrants.

What do you think these officers who you say are supposed to be serving warrants are doing all day?

Ÿ Crickett — None of these individuals were arrested on civil cases. They are all criminals. I for one am grateful for the Sheriff’s Department stepping up their efforts to clear some of the outstanding warrants.

Some people will never be happy. You complain about the crime in the area then complain because only 9 were arrested. There has to be a starting point. Does anyone want to pay more taxes to provide new positions to clear up the warrants? Probably not.

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