House sustains minor damage from fire

No one was injured in a house fire in Elkhart.
Posted on March 30, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — A house sustained minor damage from a fire that started Saturday evening, March 30, on the northeast side of Elkhart.

The Elkhart Fire Department responded at about 7:21 p.m. to 221 Bank St., where flames and smoke were coming out of the back of a one-story house.

Battalion Chief Dave Cushwa said fire was out within five minutes. The house sustained minor structural damage, mainly contained to the back door. There was water and smoke damage as well. Cushwa said the department would investigate the cause and exact origin of the fire.

He said no one was injured as a result of the fire.

David Hutchinson, who lives in 221 Bank St., said he was inside watching TV when his neighbors knocked on his door. He didn’t go out at first because his father was at work. After the neighbors yelled there was a fire he went out. He took his dog with him.

Andy Goeller, Cody Goeller and Allison Kist were playing catch in their back yard when they saw smelled smoke from the back of the house next door. They saw some flames coming out, said Cody Goeller. They knocked but no one came out. When they yelled there was a fire, Hutchinson came out of the house.

Kent Hutchinson, David’s father, works about three minutes away from his house, he said. His son called just after he got out of the house.

“Thank God the neighbors were out playing ball, because they called the fire department and got my son out.”


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