Car pulled from St. Joseph River

A car was pulled from the St. Joseph River Friday afternoon.
Posted on Aug. 11, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

No one was seriously injured from an accident in which a vehicle rolled into the St. Joseph River Friday afternoon.

Elkhart City Police responded around 3:15 p.m. to Lexington Avenue near Vine Street, where a green Dodge Avenger rolled into the river after spinning down Lexington Avenue.

Elkhart City Police officer Drew Neese said Tori Gordon, 17, was driving on Lexington Avenue when the passenger, Israel Cedeno, 19, grabbed her purse to throw it to the back of the car, pulling the hand brake.

The car then spun out of control, hitting a fence along the road and flipping in the air before landing in the river.

“It all happened like in slow motion,” Cedeno said, adding that the two escaped the car through the back window, which had shattered from the impact.

Gordon and Cedeno walked up from the river bank and only Cedeno had a small cut on his right leg near his ankle.

The Elkhart Fire Department diving team were called to secure the car and hook it to a tow truck, which pulled it out of the water. As this happened neighbors walked to the scene to take a look.

Mary Hunt, who lives on Lexington near the river, walked down the road to see what had happened. She said it’s not uncommon to see cars speeding down Lexington Avenue.

“I haven’t called the police, but we are constantly yelling at people to slow down,” she said.

It was unclear whether speed had much to do with the accident, but Neese pointed out that the fence along Lexington Avenue had multiple dents from previous accidents.

“At first we weren’t even sure where it hit because of the many dents it has,” he said.


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