Goshen murder suspect will either confess next week or go to trial

Daniel Heflin, accused of a Goshen murder, will either plead guilty next week or go on trial in early June, his attorney said in court Thursday morning.

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on May 24, 2012 at 5:40 p.m.

GOSHEN — If Daniel Heflin doesn’t plead guilty to murder next week, he’ll probably go on trial four days later.

Heflin’s attorney, Peter Todd, said in court Thursday that his 21-year-old client is ready to go on trial June 4 and will deny the charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and the allegation he was a gang member. The charges carry well more than a century in prison if a jury finds Heflin guilty.

However, Todd said in his talks with prosecutors, “we have agreed in the concept of resolving this short of trial. We have not agreed on the particulars.”

Elkhart Circuit Judge Terry Shewmaker gave Heflin, Todd and prosecutors a week to make a deal, if possible.

Heflin, of 415 Noble Court, is accused of fatally shooting John Staub on March 22 northwest of downtown Goshen, and of shooting David Paul Goble in the leg in the same incident.

William Terry, 24, of 622 River Ave., is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and acting as part of a gang.

Also charged are Elisa S. Horton, 22, also of 415 Noble Court, who gave birth to Heflin’s child while in jail, and Dustin Saylor, 22, of 114 E. Pike St. Both are charged with assisting a criminal and the same gang allegation.

The shooting, according to authorities, came in response to a fight between Terry and members of the Dirty White Boys gang.

Terry was in court Thursday morning, too. He’d been scheduled to go on trial at the same time as Heflin, but his attorney, Mike Yoder, asked for a delay and Shewmaker rescheduled it for Aug. 20.

The judge denied a request by Terry for a bond reduction. Terry faces up to 100 years in prison, and he remains jailed with bond set at $250,000.

Heflin is being held without the chance of posting bond.

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