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Thomas Townsend allegedly left the message after he was kicked out of the theater the night before, prosecutors say

Jackson Schrock update_2

Jackson Schrock is home and recovering following his 18th surgery — a kidney transplant from his dad

Sarah Welliver

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Police say money was taken and electronics were damaged during the incident

Tori Fater

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From the NFL and behind the microphone, these Elkhart natives have left their marks on the world

Terry Mark

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A stretch of Lusher Avenue will be closed this week, but other downtown streets have opened up to drivers

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Plus, how you can enjoy deals on pretzels and donate money to veterans through the month

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Lower incomes and higher debts for the college educated weigh on family budgets
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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is rigorous and aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people

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Early state voters say there's a lot to admire about Hillary Clinton, but not so much to love
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Get started on your job search with these 10 positions available in Elkhart County

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Elkhart County schools are feeling the effect of the statewide teacher shortage, Lifeline Youth Ministries is hoping to buy a building near Washington Gardens and three more stories to start your Monday

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The Freedom Caucus is looking for a leader, says Kathleen Parker.

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Agency: 59-year-old Indiana hunter dies trying to remove tree stand
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Brey leads the Raider girls in scoring, while dad Lawrence is the rookie coach of the Raider boys; plus a look at pairings for area girls sectionals

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The university offers a wide range of first-year general education courses for area students.

Notre Dame Clemson Football

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Oregon School Shooting

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Volkswagen Health Effects

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