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Gathering of Quilters 9

Five runners from Elkhart and Goshen will participate in this year’s Boston Marathon, plus four more stories to start your day. 

J. C. Lee

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gerald jerry webb fatal crash emerson drive april 18

The victim, a 37-year veteran of the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, was on a motorcycle when it crashed with another vehicle on C.R. 6 and Emerson Drive in Elkhart. 

Anne Christnovich

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$6 million

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce backs the bond plans, while some council members worry they don’t have enough say in the projects to be funded.

Tim Vandenack

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Columnist Leonard Pitts looks back at the 20-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh that killed 168.

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Bob Mornar of Elkhart says goodbye to the former YMCA he loved.

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From the smaller, more intimate atmosphere to the rebirth of the run game, here are five observations from the Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game Saturday, April 18.

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The 25th Annual Gathering of Quilters at the Northern Indiana Event Center brought about 600 quilters together Saturday

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The crash occurred near the intersection of C.R. 6 and Emerson Drive in Elkhart. 

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Police were called to the scene of the crash on U.S. 33 south of Bashor Road at about 4:27 p.m. Saturday, April 18.

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The newsroom took home top honors in the state for its news coverage of the five-year aftermath of the Great Recession in Elkhart County. 

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Sen. Joe Zakas, Rep. Doug Miller, Rep. Curt Nisly and Rep. Tim Wesco were at the Saturday, April 18, Third House meeting in Elkhart. The Indiana legislators offered no committed support for including LGBTQ protections within the state’s constitution.

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A western Indiana man charged with murder after his DNA matched evidence in a long-unsolved killing has been convicted in the 1979 slaying of a 20-year-old woman.

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The intersection of C.R. 33 and C.R. 40 in southeast Goshen, where the crash occurred, was blocked by police.

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Elkhart, Indiana, is the epicenter for manufactured home production. Despite being an integral part of the local economy, myths have surrounded these properties for years. It’s time for a fresh perspective.


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Michigan Schools-Testing

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